About Power2Save

About Power2Save

Power2Save (P2S) is an initiative developed by the American Society of Transplantation (AST) dedicated to increasing public awareness around the importance of donating organs, advocating for patient health, and funding transplant research through the Transplant Research Institute. 

  • 79 – The average number of people each day who receive organ transplants
  • 18 – The average number of people who die each day waiting for a transplant due to the shortage of donated organs
  • 119,700 plus – The number of people waiting for an organ
  • 8 – The number of lives that can be saved by 1 organ donor*

The waitlist statistics are heart-wrenching, but the hope is inspiring. Now is the time to get involved

Through Power2Save programming like the Power2Save Concert, we prove that everyone has the power to save a life by supporting the importance of donating organs, advocating for patient health, and funding transplant research. Anyone has the power—whether you are a registered organ donor, family or friend of someone who needs an organ or has donated one, a medical professional, or an individual or organization who simply believes in making a difference—we all play a part.

- We fund medical research to help develop ways to increase organ acceptance, enhance speed to recovery, and create a healthier life for the patient after receiving a transplant.

- We advocate for patients’ rights and fight unfair government policies. We continue to focus our efforts on getting transplant recipients the medications and insurance coverage they need, and ensuring that heroic living donors are not negatively impacted in any way. 

- We develop programs to build awareness about organ donation and transplantation so that everyone becomes a champion of transplantation.

About the American Society of Transplantation
The American Society of Transplantation (AST) is an international organization of more than 3,200 professionals dedicated to advancing the field of transplantation and improving patient care by promoting research, education, advocacy, and organ donation. Through Power2Save and the Power2Save concert, AST builds on more than 30 years of improving human life through the miracle of transplantation.

*Source: organdonor.gov